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Same Day Pain Evaluation in Cleveland, OH

If you are suffering from pain or have been injured in an accident, don’t wait weeks or months to see a doctor. At our clinic, we have the ability to see you almost right away, often with a same day pain evaluation.

In the case of most injuries and accidents, it is important to get a medical evaluation quickly, yet many victims find that their doctors cannot schedule them in a timely fashion. This wait time can significantly impact the effectiveness of treatment of your injury and lengthen your healing time. Additionally, important documentation and evidence that is not compiled immediately following an injury can have a negative impact on your claim and your ultimate settlement.

The doctors at our practice understand this. That’s why we schedule same-day pain evaluations with medical professionals at our offices. We provide a complete examination, written documentation of your injury and a full explanation of limitations and necessary treatment. Our professionals also can assist you immediately with insurance claims, workers’ compensation claims and medical and legal referrals. Your treatment and your claim processing can start immediately so you can focus on feeling better quickly.

Your first visit with our doctors will include:

  • Recording of your medical history
  • A review of any tests you have had relative to your pain or injury
  • A full physical exam
  • A review of x-rays or scans you brought from other medical facilities
  • An assessment of what is causing your pain and possible treatment options

Our staff members understand the need to diagnose and address pain and injuries in a timely fashion.

Let us be the first provider you contact when you are in pain.

We will see you within 24 hours.

We understand the need to timely address pain & injuries

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