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We provide a fully staffed gym at our facilities
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Physical Therapy Services in Cleveland, OH

At our clinic, doctors know that physical therapy services can have a significant positive impact on recovery from any type of injury. That’s why we provide a fully staffed gym at our facilities to make it easy and convenient for our clients to get the care they need.

Why consider physical therapy for your pain?

  • An effective physical therapy program keeps you moving and allows you to work toward pain-free movement.
  • Physical therapy is the first choice of doctors for patients with soft tissue injuries or neck and back pain.
  • Appropriate exercise, massage and manipulation may help you reduce the amount of pain medication you take.
  • We involve you in your program, so you set goals and work toward them.
  • Consistent physical therapy can eliminate or postpone the need for surgery.

Our medical doctors will perform a complete examination to determine the best program for you, including exercise and massage. We also can incorporate chiropractic care as needed with our on-site chiropractor.

If you have been injured, call our clinic immediately. Physical therapy is most effective when started within one week of an injury or accident. We schedule your evaluation immediately, assist you with any reports or claims you need, and get you started on a therapy program that will have you feeling better quickly.

We understand the need to timely address pain & injuries

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