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Pain Management Doctor in Middleburg Hts, OH

Chronic pain can, at a minimum, slow you down and limit you in some of your chosen activities. At a maximum, it can be devastating to your lifestyle, robbing you of mobility and causing debilitating depression. Knowing your treatment options from a pain management doctor is crucial when you are ready to get started managing your pain.

When healing from an injury means identifying a means to maximum comfort and mobility, come to our clinic. Our on-site pain management program includes finding the best methods to keep your pain under control, including incorporating chiropractic care, massage therapy and medication.

Our complete evaluation of your pain and injury is designed to determine the best plan for you, whether your pain is acute or chronic, surgery related or injury related. We consult our chiropractor and massage therapist to first determine if we can create a comprehensive treatment plan that will minimize use of medications.

For pain that is best managed with medication, we work with our nurse practitioner to arrange convenient, flexible schedules for medication management, including trigger point injections and joint injections.

Untreated chronic pain can be devastating to you and your family.

Let our doctors help you. We provide:

  • A comprehensive pain management plan
  • Convenient access to therapy and/or medication
  • Massage therapy and chiropractic care on site
  • Trigger point and joint injections on site
  • Assistance with documentation and insurance claims
  • Referrals for care and legal help

We understand the need to timely address pain & injuries

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